About Our Nappies

Our cloth nappies provide diversity, they can be used as a pocket nappy or as an all in two nappy with our included inserts.

There are two wide generous openings one at either end. Making it easy to place your entire hand in to stuff with inserts.

We have 2 snap in bamboo inserts one smaller for when bub is little or boosting, the other is a larger full sized insert. These can be used individually or snap together to be used at the same time for extra absorbency.

Nappies are easily boosted with extra inserts for heavy wetter’s at night.

The outer of our nappies are made from a highly durable waterproof fabric.

The lining is made from suede cloth, this is a stay dry or feel dry fabric which helps draw moisture away from bubs skin.

OSFM so our nappies will fit newborn to toddler.

Colour system for dual row waist snaps, ensures ease of use for everyone.

Rise snaps are 3 across and 4 down. This gives maximum use of nappy from newborn toddler and 3 snaps across makes sure there is no gaping between rise snaps.

Waterproof Belly band inside gives stability to pocket and helps with prevent leaks.