How many reusable nappies will I need?

How many reusable nappies you need will depend on your level of use, below we have a guide to assist all users of cloth nappies.


Part Time:

8 to 10 cloth nappies will allow you to use 2-3 nappies per day

Full-time Day:

12 to 18 nappies will allow you to use 4-6 nappies per day.

Full-time Day and Night:

24 to 30 nappies will allow you to cloth day and night every day

In addition to nappies, we would recommend that you have 2-3 wet bags also, they are great to transport bubs soiled nappies around when out and about or while bub is at Day Care.

These recommendations will allow you to have a wash routine every second day.

To help build your stash we offer discounts on bulk purchases

  • Buy 6 nappies and receive a 10% discount
  • Buy 12 nappies and receive a 15% discount

If you are not ready to commit to a fulltime nappy stash just yet we also offer a trial pack of 2 nappies or a starter pack of 4 nappies. Remember every nappy you buy will save you money and will have a positive impact on your baby’s environmental imprint.  By using just one cloth nappy a day will save you approximately $150 in one year. Using cloth nappies full time could save you thousands of dollars by the time your baby is toilet trained.


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