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Safari Adjustable Bucket Hat


Sassibums specially designed adjustable bucket hat for babies is perfect for summer, providing optimal sun protection with its wide brim to shield sensitive skin. Our hats are light weight, quick drying and feature two adjustable drawstrings that wrap around the head and under the chin, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your baby while keeping them safe in the sun.

Sassibums adjustable bucket hat for babies and toddlers can offer several benefits, primarily related to sun protection and comfort.

Here are some of the advantages:

Sun Protection: Ensure your baby or toddler stays safe from the sun's harmful UV rays with a wide-brimmed hat. It shields their face, neck, and ears, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term sun damage.

Eye Protection: Shield your child's eyes from the sun's glare with a wide-brimmed hat, minimizing the chance of eye strain and discomfort on bright days.

Skin Health: Baby and toddler skin is sensitive, making them susceptible to sunburn and damage. A bucket hat not only enhances your style but also adds an extra layer of protection, consequently guarding against sunburn.

Adjustable Fit: Customize the hat's fit with its adjustable feature, ensuring a secure fit as your child grows. This prevents it from slipping off or causing discomfort, encouraging your child to wear it.

Comfort: Wide-brimmed bucket hats are typically crafted from lightweight, breathable materials like cotton or polyester, ensuring your child remains cool and comfortable, even in hot weather.

Versatility: Additionally, these hats are adaptable and suitable for various settings. Whether your child is at the park, beach, fishing or engaging in outdoor activities, they offer sun protection without sacrificing style.

Reduces the Need for Excessive Sunscreen: While sunscreen remains essential, a wide-brimmed hat can diminish the necessity for applying an excessive amount, especially on your child's face and neck, providing benefits for those with sensitive skin or sunscreen allergies.

Educational Value: Teaching your child sun protection habits at a young age instills the importance of sun safety and overall health.

Long-Term Health Benefits: Safeguarding your child from the sun's harmful effects during childhood contributes to their lifelong skin health and lowers the risk of skin cancer.

Bucket Hat Sizes

Newborn - XS for up to 8 months (46cm)

Baby - S  for 8 months - 2 years (48cm)

Toddler - M 2 - 6 years (50cm)

Our bucket hats are now available in our Summer Bundle which includes matching swim nappies and wet bags. Remember that you can adjust the drawstrings to achieve a slightly tighter or looser fit. Furthermore, this adjustable bucket hat ensures your baby looks adorable while staying protected from the sun.

Regularly inspect the hat for wear and tear. Always pair it with other sun protection measures like sunscreen, sunglasses, and protective clothing for maximum safety.

*Please note that children's head sizes can vary greatly. It is important to measure your child's head to ensure the best fit.



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2 – 6yrs, 0 – 8mths, 8mths – 2yrs


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