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Striped Flower Cloth Nappy

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One-size reusable cloth nappy design to fit new-born babies and toddlers from approx 3.5 to 16kg.

Easy-to-use snap buttons for quick nappy changes and size adjustments. Rise snaps are 3 across and 4 down. This gives maximum use of nappy from new-born toddler and 3 snaps across makes sure there is no gaping between rise snaps. Two wide generous openings one at either end. Making it easy to place your entire hand in to stuff with inserts.

Includes 1x modern cloth nappy cover and 2 x bamboo inserts (1x larger full sized insert and 1x smaller snap-in insert for extra absorbency). Versatile nappy absorption settings for handling light to heavy loads. You choose what goes next to bubs’ skin, the bamboo nappy inserts or the stay-dry suedecloth layer built into your cloth nappy cover.

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Striped Flower - Reusable Modern Cloth Nappy

We meticulously crafted these reusable cloth nappies to accommodate both newborn infants and growing toddlers, covering a weight range of approximately 3.5 to 16 kilograms, providing convenience and flexibility to parents and caregivers in their design.

Featuring a user-friendly system, our cloth nappies are equipped with snap buttons that facilitate seamless nappy changes and size adjustments. The arrangement of rise snaps, with three horizontally aligned and four vertically aligned, ensures optimal utilization of the nappy throughout a child's development from infancy to toilet training. The strategic positioning of these snaps furthermore enhances the overall performance of the nappy. This also serves to eliminate any unsightly gaps between them.

For added convenience, our reusable modern cloth nappy boast two generously sized openings, one positioned at each end. We have thoughtfully designed these openings to easily accommodate your entire hand. Simplifying the process of stuffing your inserts.


Each set includes one reusable cloth nappy cover and two bamboo inserts. The inserts consist of one larger, full-sized option and one smaller snap-in insert, which serves to enhance absorbency as needed. Our cloth nappies offer versatile absorption settings, capable of effectively managing everything from light to heavy diaper wetters. You have the flexibility to decide what comes into direct contact with your baby's delicate skin, whether it's the bamboo nappy inserts or the stay-dry suedecloth layer that comes integrated within the cloth nappy cover. This choice empowers you to tailor the nappy's performance to suit your little one's specific needs and preferences.

We provide the perfect nappy bundle to cater to everyone's needs. Whether you're seeking part-time, exclusively daytime, or full-time usage, we have the perfect bundle to suit your needs.. If you're unsure about the number of cloth nappies you require, we provide a comprehensive guide to help you determine the right quantity based on your usage level.

Care and Washing Nappies

Prepare: Put the solid poo in the toilet and rinse any other solids off. Ensure all inserts and booster are separated from the cloth nappy.

Dry pailing: While you are waiting to build your cloth nappy load for a wash, they can be stored by dry pailing. Dry pailing is placing them in a breathable location without soaking.

A basket with an open weave helps to promote airflow to prevent smells or mould development is good.

Prewash: Is recommended every 24 – 48 hours. Collect your nappies from your dry pail and do a cold – hot wash no hotter than 60 degrees with half of the washing detergent recommended by your brands manufacturer. This will assist in diluting the urine and removing any solids. This will increase the life of your cloth nappies. Dry pail prewashed nappies in another basket or bucket until main wash.

Washing cycle: Once you have enough nappies for a full load (usually every 2 days no longer than 3 days). Collect your prewashed nappies Add you washing detergent with the recommend dose for a full, dirty load again with a cold - hot wash no hotter than 60 degrees.

It is recommended not to wash cloth nappies at greater than 60 degrees, as it may put excess strain on elastics and materials.

Dry: Line, airer or dyer for your inserts and boosters. Your nappy outer is recommended to be dried in the shade, excessive sun or dryer use may reduce the life of your nappy.

Inserts will take 6-8 washes to reach maximum capacity. The inserts can be soaked overnight to help speed up the process, then wash another couple of times. If using the inserts before they reach their peak, you will just need to change the nappy more often to prevent leaks.

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1 review for Striped Flower Cloth Nappy

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these nappies.
    I have a variety of cloth as I was lucky to be sold and gifted some from friends. In my collection are Econaps (which I find run small and the inserts get rough quickly), Designer Bums (also find these run small and the snake style insert is a pain) and Pea Pods (which are my second favourite…) these are my all time faves. I tried two as a tester to start with and I’ll buy more – the only brand I’ll buy new. They feel buttery soft even after a bleach sanitise and multiple washes. The fabric is absorbent. The style of the inserts mean they easily click in together and click in to the nappies. I love the patterns and styles, and the colourful press studs are a beautiful addition. They feel so high quality and run a little big which is great for my big chunky thigh bub (not to worry if you have a small bub – the press studs can make the nappy smaller too).

    Thanks so much Sassibums and look out for my next order!

    – Amy

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